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Actor and Talent Demo Reels

Breaking Fate Entertainment offers Actor and Talent Demo Reels at very reasonable prices!  After your headshot and resume, your demo reel is one of the most important marketing tools you’ll need as an actor / talent. A good demo reel can get you noticed by agents and casting directors and can even get you an audition or book a role! 

How it works: You will be sent an email invite to upload your video footage to our secure Dropbox.  We will then consult with you regarding any specific scenes you would like included in your reel, graphics, title cards and information to be included.  You will be sent a first cut of the reel for approval or for desired updates.  If approved, it is released to you.  If some updates / edits are desired, we will implement those edits and return to you a second cut.  Our average costs for demo reels are usually between $200 and $350.  Turn around time is under two weeks, but usually within a week.  Additional edits beyond the first two cuts are charged at $50/hour of editing time.  As an added bonus, we add all demo reels to Breaking Fate's Youtube channel and promote them on our social media accounts to help get some eyes on your talent!  CONTACT US today to get a quote.

Demo Reel Samples

Actor Reel cut for Actress Clarisse Behr

Actor Reel cut for Actor Chuck Winstead

Actor Reel cut for Stage & Film Actor Mykal Rodriguez

Actor Reel cut for Actress Ann Sheehan