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Our Mission

Our Mission is to support the independent art, music, photo, film and media community with events and resources to help bring creative ideas and visions to life and public view.

Breaking Fate Entertainment produces, promotes and distributes Independent Art, Media & Events in all genres in various regions across the US and around the world.

Breaking Fate Entertainment - workshops

New in 2019 Breaking Fate Entertainment is hosting all new workshops and workshop series focusing on various parts of filmmaking, writing, acting and more.  We look forward to using our years of experience to benefiting new and upcoming artists with their craft.

Postmark Filmworks Series & Film Festival

LaFollette, TN

Whether you are a newly interested or practiced filmmaker, Postmark LaFollette invites you to register today for Filmworks - an exciting series of filmmaking workshops conducted under the direction of Willy Adkins, an independent filmmaker and owner of Breaking Fate Entertainment.  Adkins and selected professionals, guide participants through the entire process of independent filmmaking from screenwriting to film screening.  Participants will produce their own short, independent films during the workshop series and participate in the Filmworks Film Festival and awards ceremony.

Dates: February 23rd, March 2nd, March 9th, March 16th, March 23rd, April 13th and film festival on May 5th.

Postmark Filmworks is a project of Postmark LaFollette and is underwritten in part with an Arts Build Communities grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission funded by the Tennessee General Assembly.




Are you interested in gaining a basic knowledge of independent filmmaking while producing your very own film at the same time?  This is the workshop series for you!  Students in this program will learn about developing a story, screenplay, pre-production, casting, cinematography, production, sound, lighting, editing, post production, publishing and distribution.  This 6 day workshop series is hosted by Willy Adkins, an award winning filmmaker and owner of Breaking Fate Entertainment.  In this program, Willy guides you on your filmmaking adventure that is celebrated with the "Fresh Focus Film Festival" displaying the shorts produced by the students during the series in a red carpet style event where you can invite friends and family to see the work you have done as well as be eligible for awards in various categories!

Dates: August 18th, August 24th, August 25th, September 14th, September 15th, September 22nd and the Fresh Focus Film Festival on October 12th, 2019.